Load a Mix


The design and controls can be custumized in several ways: position, buttoms, sizes...

Progress bar Position
Buttons Positions
Force break for Sliders
Size of the sliders of the player:
Pull Up the Tune !!!
Add makers
Inner Mix Navigation: go to the next ( or previous ) marker
Mute / Unmute
Volume slider
Speed Controler
toggle information of the currently listen mix
Elapsed time
Show title separator
buttons Position
playlist items Position
Go back to the mix's start
Play the previous item of the playlist
Stop the reading (and go back to the mix's start)
Play the next item of the playlist
Fade out and Play the next item of the playlist
Change the looping status of the read
Shuffle the playlist
Empty the playlist
Show playlist items

Music Search

Set sliders below names to precise your current affinity with styles. Then, click Ok.

  • If you love the style, use the rightmost position
  • If you like the style, choose the right position
  • Keep central position for a neutral opinion
  • If you have a negative opinion about the style, choose the left position
  • To exclude a style, set it to the leftmost position

Global Reset